About The Artist

When most fell victim or became products of their environments, Mic Handz used the streets of Brooklyn as a tool of advancement. Having witnessed life at its most real, seeing friends and family cut down in their prime. After trying his hand at venturing into illicit street dealings Mic Handz found the street was not a satisfying fit.


Years spent in the fashion industry as a men’s wear and graphic designer lead him further into the industry of his passion which was music. Mic Handz leveraged his history as an international high fashion and domestic urban model and his positioning and resources from the fashion industry to infiltrate the music business and explore his dream of being a recording artist.

DOB: 02/02/1977

Education: Fashion industries NYC / F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of technology) / Art institute of Atlanta

E-mail: mh@michandz.nyc

+(929) 382 - 4501

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